qtek 9090

Hah! This is fun, writing a blog with my qtek 9090 mobile pda phone thingy. The extensible keyboard allows me to type at reasonable speed (using two thumbs) and the screen at qvga (240×320) gives a workable display of a webpage. If you prefer you can skip the keyboard and use Grafitti (like on a palm pilot) or just write the characters on the screen and have them transerred into text by the character reconizer. It is possible to rotate the view 90 degrees, but of course you can’t reasonably use the buildin keyboard anymore.
At the moment i am using wifi to connect to the home network, but when out of reach of a wifi network you can use GPRS (this is the data part of your GSM cell phone). The qtek is also equipped with a vga resolution camera, so you could post pictures with your blog as well.